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Oliver Richtberg



Playing time:

10-60 Minutes



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English, French, German, Italian


Zoch Verlag


Sébastien Caiveau

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As a tight-knit team in Menara, players use pillars and wondrously shaped temple floors to build a spectacularly soaring structure full of nooks and crannies.

Cooperation and static skills are in demand, since for each mistake in construction, you have to add another floor to the temple. A steady hand, an alert mind, and mutual assistance can help you successfully complete what seems to top out at dizzy heights.

Deep inside the green hell of MENARA, you discover wondrously shaped fragments of an ancient structure. This makes your explorer‘s heart beat faster. Many thousands of years ago, there must have been a temple at this place. What might it have looked like? Would it be possible to reconstruct it? To accomplish this, you have to work together. Strange glyphs decorate the remains of the ancient masonry and mysterious construction plans of the temple tower have turned up. It is as if a primitive curse is upon this place. For any mistake you make, the old construction plans require the building of an additional level. So you will need to aim high in order to achieve your goal! Mind your fi ngers and don‘t tremble with reverence. That way, you‘ll grow with your tasks and bring the ancient temple of MENARA to new life.

Reconstruct the temple together. To do so, you try to fulfill the instructions on each individual construction plan card whenever possible. Use the columns and temple floors wisely and place them very skillfully. It is important that you consider the consequences of your own game turns. Only then can your fellow players also be instrumental in the success of the building project! Mishaps, imprudence, and unfavorable construction plans always have the same dire consequence: You have to build your temple higher … and higher … and maybe higher than you would like to.


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