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Lorenzo il Magnifico


Lorenzo de’ Medici was a key figure in Florence during the Renaissance, so what better setting than it for the race between noble families to gain prestige and fame? In Lorenzo il Magnifico, players send their noble family members out to different locations around the city to collect resources, acquire development cards, and pay tribute to the church. Not everyone is created equally, so deciding where to send the golden child of the family and where to send the black sheep might be key to victory.


  • Many Paths to Victory – Players can focus on a building strategy, developing their territory, or collecting as many characters as they can get their hands on. Victory can be achieved many ways.
  • Asymmetric Strategies – Each game starts with a draft, and players select the Leaders they hope to recruit. Everyone also starts with a personal bonus tile that will direct their strategy.
  • Classical Art – With lovely illustrations by Klemens Franz, the hundreds of cards, personal player boards, and main board, convey the beauty of the Renaissance period in Florence.


  • 1 Board
  • 4 Personal Boards
  • 4 Personal Bonus Tiles
  • 21 Excommunication Tiles
  • 4 Covering Tiles
  • 16 Family Members
  • 16 Stickers
  • 16 Marker Discs
  • 12 Excommunication Cubes
  • 3 Dice
  • 96 Development Cards
  • 20 Leader Cards
  • 63 Wooden Resources (wood, stones, servants)
  • 33 Coins
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Quick Reference Guide

Lorenzo il Magnifico

Round House


The Round House (Fujian tulou) is a type of Chinese rural dwellings unique to the Hakka people in the mountainous southeastern Fujian province, dating back to the Ming dynasty in the 17th century . The Round House is named for its shape. It is a large circular, multi-f loor, enclosed, and fortified earth building that usually accommodates a whole clan. The Round House provides housing and protection for its residents under unified culture and commerce. It is truly a village within walls. By cleverly navigating pawns around the Round House and manipulating faithful family members, players assume the role of the head of a family attempting to lead their members to glory. Will your family earn the most glory and dominate the circular walls of the Round House?

Round House



Origins Game Fair is one of the longest-running and largest conventions in the world for people who enjoy playing games. Whether you attend for one day or all five, you can take part in open gaming or a wide variety of scheduled games, including tabletop, miniatures, role-playing, live-action role-playing, card games and more. Events begin for as little as $2!

During exhibit hall hours, you can visit retailers and check out the newest wares from today’s game manufacturers and publishers. Take in a few free demos and explore ideas that spark your imagination! And of course you can buy some fabulous games to take home.

Come enjoy the Origins Awards, Art Show, and the Origins Film Festival, as well as many other gaming related activities.

Origins is held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in beautiful, family-friendly downtown Columbus, OH, USA. Please join us for the most fun you’ll ever have playing games with people from all over the world.

You can find more information at the Orgins Game Fair website.


Build the city’s greatest theme park, whatever it takes!

Mix your favourite themes, from Pirate, Robot, Vampire, Jungle, Ninja, and Gangster. Build attractions and upgrade them to match blueprints, stack up towering rides, or simply make the most cash.

But watch out – your competitors may pay off the safety inspectors to close your rides or hire hooligans to vandalise your park! How will you get revenge?

Whatever happens, it’s bound to be Unfair.

Over the course of 8 rounds, you play Event cards to help yourself and hinder your opponents, build Attractions and Upgrades using Park cards, and match your park to Blueprints.

Your goal is to build the highest-scoring park at game end, using three main ways to score:

  • building your park to match Blueprints
  • building impressively tall Attractions with lots of Upgrades
  • buying your way to victory with good old fashioned cash

You might hire staff to help you, or build a Super Attraction with a unique ability. Bribing officials and blackmailing politicians is also possible, but entirely optional.

1754 Conquest – The French Indian War

1754 Conquest – The French and Indian War

Complete the Birth of America Colonial Trilogy!

The year is 1754 and France and Britain have thriving colonies in North America. New England has begun to expand west, from their settlements along the eastern seaboard, into the Ohio River Valley. In response, France has built a chain of forts to protect their American territorial claims, extending from Lake Erie to the Gulf of Mexico!

Virginia’s Governor sends a young George Washington with a small force to ‘convince’ the French to leave the region. A deadly confrontation with the French and their Native American allies deep in the Appalachian wilderness sparks the beginning of a world war that engulfs the Americas, Europe, India and Africa.

‘1754 Conquest’ is an area control game that continues the award winning Birth of America Series. Players for each side work together in order to coordinate their strategies. To win, each side attempts to control Victory Spaces on the map that represent towns and forts. The militia players receive reinforcements from muster points while the French and English Regulars must ship their reinforcements from overseas. The game ends when the Treaty of Paris is signed and the side controlling the most cities wins the game.

1754 Conquest introduces:

  • Strategic Forts – Forts allow defenders an opportunity to negate hits in battle!
  • Valuable Muster Points – The new muster system for Native American and Colonial forces makes strategic alliances more dynamic and game changing!
  • Important Harbor Regions – Harbor regions that govern regional reinforcements from British and French Regular troops.

Simple & Fun – Easy to learn, quick play without waiting
Educational – Learn about this important chapter in history
Strategic – Command your armies to change the course of history
Teamwork – Interactive play allows for group objectives and decision making



Product page:  1754 Conquest – The French Indian War

Escape From 100 Million BC

Your team of intrepid adventurers has embarked on history’s first time-travelling expedition, only for the Professor’s time machine to malfunction, crashing into the lip of an active volcano and stranding you 100 million years in the past! Re-assemble your time machine without altering the past or causing paradoxes. This co-operative big box adventure game is designed by Kevin Wilson (Decent, Arkham Horror and TMNT: Shadows of the Past.) for 1-6 adventurous gamers.

Explore volcanoes, jungles, and pre-historic swamps while searching for valuable technology and avoiding rampaging T-Rexes and Velociraptors. Return wayward historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, who’ve been pulled into the past by rippling time paradoxes all while racing against a volcano that.’s about to explode and obliterate your entire team!

Product page:  Escape From 100 Million BC

Tikal (Super Meeple)

$49.95 French-only first edition 2016

Product page: Tikal (Super Meeple)

The Long View


Hosted by Geofrey Gambill

The Long View is a podcast dedicated to taking a closer, more detailed and critical look at the games we love to play. Each episode focuses on in-depth review and discussion of a single game, often for close to an hour or more! My guest is always an expert in the game; someone who has played the game many, many times, and has discovered it’s hidden features or flaws. In addition, The Long View also offers Quick Looks episodes which feature more traditional reviews of new games. It is my hope that deeper discussion and analysis of games will help us discover what makes some games truly memorable, lasting and great, while others quickly fade away. Join us through iTunes or Stitcher subscription, or you can check out the podcast archive of episodes at  Thanks for listening!

Heavy Cardboard


Hosted by Edward & Amanda Uhler

From Edward and Amanda…

“In each weekly episode of the podcast, we focus our attention on one game to discuss & review.  On occasion, we’ll host interviews, discuss important topics in the hobby, or get a little personal, as we enjoy the close connection that we have with our listeners.  Ultimately, our main focus remains on the games themselves.  We look at the game from all angles, as well as share our thoughts, impressions, and opinions with you, the listener.  The intention is not to teach you how to play but to provide a thorough review of the game while, hopefully, entertaining y’all.  In the end, we aim to provide a well-rounded feel for the game and to help you decide if the game is one that you might enjoy.”

Check them out here.