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Kevin’s Korner

The Sinkhole – Chapter 3

“Flashlights off,” whispered Brandon with tension in his voice and a rising sense of panic in his mind. Click. Click. Click. Three flashlights went dark in seconds. Brandon’s mind was racing. Who’s coming? Is it the landowner? Is he going to shoot them for trespassing? Who else could be down here? What should they do? […]

Chapter 2

It had been dark maybe 10 minutes when Brandon edged his car into a secluded field surrounded by woods. Chas and Ty were both waiting for him. “It’s about time,” grumbled Chas jokingly as Brandon climbed out of the car. “Yeah, the two of us were starting to think you had lost your nerve,” added […]

The Story Begins

PROLOGUE   “Okay, this is it. We need to kill him this round. We won’t survive his attacks. What do you need to roll Brandon?” Brandon looked down at his cards, reading silently to himself and making mental calculations. “Uh, it looks like….I need a 9 to hit him and then I can use my […]