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About Us

Welcome to Game Surplus

We are the Petruzzelli family.  Elaine and Carmen, born and raised in Philadelphia, met at 18 during Senior Week at the Jersey Shore.  We dated throughout college, married in 1992, and relocated to Lancaster, PA.  Apart from a 2-year window, we’ve lived in Lancaster since 1992.  We have two beautiful boys and a Boston Terrier, Sid.

Carmen will provide detailed posts in the owner’s blog periodically.  The short version follows:

I’m a lifelong lover of card and board games.  Childhood summers were a mix of sports and gaming.  I haven’t followed the traditional path of Monopoly to Catan.  We played Pinochle for hours, kept statistics.  I learned many non-traditional card games while sitting on my grandfather’s lap every Sunday.  We visited our grandparents in South Philadelphia every Sunday.  It was the meeting place for all relatives on my mother’s side.

Every Christmas, board games were at the top of my list.  Our basement hosted gaming sessions virtually every day.  Top played titles were Masterpiece, Dealer’s Choice, and Careers.  Careers was a personal favorite because you determined your win condition.  Risk and Axis & Allies hit the table often as well.

One summer during college, while working overnight in the computer room at Henkels and McCoy (as a report filer – separating reports into bins to be mailed to Managers throughout the country), two coworkers were discussing Avalon Hill titles.  SOLD!  First title played was Civilization and the obsession hit full stride.  One of the coworkers and I, along with others, founded Eastern Pennsylvania Gaming Society.  The title which shook my world and what games could offer was We the People.  Card Driven Games remain a favorite and I’m enjoying the COIN system.

I’ve been a Game Surplus customer for many years.  Majority of my collection was purchased from Thor and the Smuckers, the two previous Game Surplus owners.  During summer 2016, after placing an order, Velma mentioned she may have difficult decisions ahead due to the recent Asmodee North America restrictions.  We sat down and, in relative short order, reached an agreement.  We closed 30 September 2016 and off to Spiel I went.

Elaine and I have a vision for Game Surplus.  We will remain true to its history by honoring guidelines from former owners and continue providing personal service, quality packaging, and quick processing/shipping.  In addition, we hope to merge services from Game Changer, a company I created several years ago.  My profession is pharmacy.  I’ve owned and operated a retail pharmacy and served as Director of Pharmacy in Long Term Care.

We broadly refer to our primary service as Game Therapy.  It’s well documented how board games can be used as a teaching tool.  I see another need as well.  Game libraries have a place in retirement communities, Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation facilities, the prison system, mental health, Occupational Therapy, and many more areas.  This vision and hope is the primary reason we haven’t opened a Brick and Mortar store.  It’s contrary to our mission statement.  We want to introduce these wonderful games to others.  Spreading the gaming love spawns our greatest joy.

We thank you for visiting and promise to serve you well.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason.

Respectfully yours,

Carmen and Elaine Petruzzelli