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Hamsterrolle (2nd edition)
Hamsterrolle (2nd edition)
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Author: Jacques Zeimet
Manufacturer: Zoch zum Spielen
Players: 2 - 4
Ages: 7 and older
Length: 30 - 40 minutes

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The wooden wheel is divided into twelve sections by small barriers. The players have to try to get rid of their game pieces by placing them skilfully into these sections.

The wheel automatically starts rolling when the pieces are placed. The thrill is that once it is rolling, you might get pieces you do not want. The winner is the one who first got rid of his pieces.

It is a crazy roundabout game for the whole family and players of all ages.

Contents: A hamster wheel with black wooden divisions inside it. 28 wooden playing pieces in 7 colours (ie 4 identical sets of pieces). 1 Black pyramid piece. These Rules. No Hamsters. Not even Albert.



Language Note: This is a multiple language edition game. Manufacturerís rules are in multiple languages (including English). Game components are language-independent.

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