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Miskatonic School for Boys
Miskatonic School for Boys
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Author: Garrett Herdter
Manufacturer: Fun to 11
Players: 3 - 6
Ages: 10 and older
Length: 45 Minutes

Our Price: $25.00
Status: In Stock


We're very happy and proud to carry Miskatonic School for Boys from our friend and local game designer Garrett Herdter! 

Miskatonic School for Boys is an all new game by game designer Garrett Herdter. The game takes place at a boarding school for boys. Unfortunately, the school is also a training ground for dark beings from the 5th dimension. These beings, while capable of unfathomable universe destroying power, have a long way to go in order to reach their full potential. The MSfB will help them reach that potential!

In a twist on the Miskatonic genre of games, instead of players taking on the roles of humans trying withstand the dark forces around you, players instead play the dark forces of the Lovecraft universe (or at least “dark forces in training”). The game takes place during the final 3-day test in the “Human Possession” course. Each 5th dimensional horror starts the test in control of one of the human students of the school. The goal for the beast is to figure out which student they are in possession of before the other members of the class figure out which student they are controlling.

Designed by Garrett Herdter, MSfB takes the standard deduction game concept of “I try to guess the other players hidden roles” and flips it. In MSfB, each player has no idea who they are, but they DO know who all the other people are. This dynamic and the fact that 1 or 2 of the players can lie during the game make MSfB hysterical fun while still being easily accessible and quick to learn.



Language Note: English

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