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Settlers of Catan Portable Edition

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Settlers of Catan Portable Edition
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Author: Teuber, Klaus
Manufacturer: Mayfair Games
Players: 3 - 4
Ages: 10 and up
Length: 60 - 90 minutes
List Price: $28.00
Our Price: $25.20
Status: Special Order
Available only if distributor still has in stock


This new compact and portable travel edition contains everything you need to play The Settlers of Catan on the go. This is a delightful small-box edition, the size of a standard Kosmos/Rio Grande 2-player game, with a box height similar to Starship Catan. The hexes and sea ports are interchangeable, save for the desert it remains in the middle of the board. The roads, settlements and cities are plastic and pegged, and the box insert provides a resource card holder and dice well for in-progress games. If you enjoy Settlers of Catan at all, you'll be tickled to own this edition!


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Language Note: This is an English language edition game.

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