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Igel Argern + Tante Tarantel
Igel Argern + Tante Tarantel
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Author: Nestel, Frank, Matthaus, Doris
Manufacturer: Doris and Frank
Players: 2 - 6
Ages: 8 and older
Length: 45 Minutes

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Igel Argern is a simple mixture of dice roll and some skill, maybe like backgammon, but most people prefer it with more players. The game comes with 40 varations in the box, which more or less slightly alter the system.

Aim of the game is, to be the first to get 3 of his 4 hedgehoges from start to goal. The trick is, that the racetrack has six numbered lanes and every turn a dice roll decides on which lane you have to move forward. To use your forward step with a own hedgehog you have the option to take a small side step in between. But since the hedgehogs tend to stack on the squares of the board and only the uppermost hedgehogs may be moved, it happens quite often that you have to move another ones hedgehogs. Additionally there is a black field on every track on which a hedgehog has to wait for all the other ones...

In Tante Tarantel, you help your bugs to escape from the spider web. Your "host" Auntie Tarantulla runs around, dice driven and with increasing pace. So you have to be very careful not to be eaten by her. On the other hand you can sometimes give another players bug a little push, so that Auntie will eat him!

The scoring system tends to rate bugs that escape later to be more valuable, so the game usually decides at the very end!

Game works for 3 to 5 players. Playing time about half an hour.

The box contains a new colorful map for Igel Argern.


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Language Note: This game is imported from Germany. An English translation of the rules is provided. Game components are language-independent.

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